Salmon Guided Trips

Anglers seeking the big strong pull have to search no longer. At Kaufmann Streamborn, we offer trips for fall salmon on several of our area's coastal rivers. These fish are for the serious big game addicts! They pull extremely hard and will really test out your equipment. Trips are offered for both "walk in and wade" or float trips from a boat, and we fish for these fish in tidewater stretches all the way up to the upper rivers.

Tidewater Caught Fall Chinook

We fish for these fish with a variety of methods ranging from stripping flies fished off of shooting heads in tidewater stretches to dead drifting flies off of floating lines in travel lane slots up in the freshwater reaches of the rivers.

South Coast Chinook

One thing about this type of fly fishing is that when you score it right; you will be a changed angler forever! This fishing will cause you to not stop thinking about your experience, and your mind's thoughts will be polluted with big hard pulling fish.

Central Oregon Coastal Fall Chinook Salmon

Come and join us for an exciting day of fall salmon fishing! Whether you want to target fall hatchery Coho Salmon on the Sandy River or a hard pulling chinook on a coastal river; give us call and book a day!

Coho Salmon

Southern Oregon Fall Chinook Salmon