Smallmouth Bass Guided Trips

A handsome Smallie

Smallmouth Bass are a fun fish to target during the heat of the summer. Smallmouth Bass fishing generally "goes off" when the summer heats up, and when the fishing for coldwater species like trout hits the "dog days of summer". It is not uncommon to catch so many smallies that you lose count. We run Smallmouth Bass trips at a private ranch location that limits the number of anglers per day. The fishing is simply awesome due to the limited access of anglers on the property; so if you want to best smallmouth fishing there is out there, give us a call and book a day!

Smallmouth Bass

On our Smallmouth Bass trips, you will be able to experience sight fishing with nymphs, surface fishing with poppers, subsurface streamer fishing, and combinations of the mentioned techniques. This fishing has the best and most enjoyable wet wading in Oregon (crystal clear warm water!); so don't pass up this trip. Book a day for the heat of the summer now!!

A tough fighting Smallmouth Bass